Friday, May 6, 2011, 10-11 PM, Kinoteka

Five animated shorts created by women versus five shorts done by men; all on one subject. It is up to you who will win this battle!

Contrary to what may seem, all this jazz is not a result of a passionate night, but that of heavy drinking at a party in the course of which Signe Baumane and Bill Plympton, two leading New York-based independent filmmakers, came up with the idea to move the eternal battle between the sexes to the sphere of animation.

Who is better in talking about sex, guys or girls? Which sex is more skilled in penetrating the nooks and crannies of bodily pleasure through animation? And finally – which sex will prove to be stronger?
In every other round Bill Plympton will present his favorite animations about sex (such as Ondrej Rudavsky’s „Cosmic Honeymoon”), which Signe Baumane will trash and destroy. And then their roles are reversed.

As in any decent fight, there will be altercations, intellectual pitfalls and sharp quips, all delivered by the two ruthless contenders.

However, it is the audience that will prevail in this battle. Depending on viewer reactions and applause (measured with a special applause meter!), someone will bask in the glory of victory, while the other side will suffer bitter defeat.

So, ladies and gentlemen, everything is up to you (and the power of your hands)!

Attention! The show will be in English, but the films will have Polish subtitles.