New culinary trends – a demonstration held by Łukasz Konik.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011, after the screening of El Bulli - Cooking in Progress.

New culinary trends
broaden the spectrum of the classic of cooking, introducing unchartered territories of tastes and flavors. Some of the resulting magical culinary concoctions are so fascinating that they could easily be displayed in art galleries.

The above-mentioned opinion of one of the culinary art masters is gaining support among gourmands in search of uncommon culinary flavors. Molecular gastronomy is conquering the world; demonstrations of this discipline meet wit h great interest, especially in American business and political circles.
Cooking in liquid nitrogen or on water is not chemical food-processing, but using physical and chemical reactions to create products from all-natural ingredients. This is in large part based on the rule of deconstruction, which breaks the dishes down to separate components in order to achieve the ideal pure taste. “The cooking is the essence, as it has always been” - claims Łukasz Konik.
“The Polish media deliberate whether this is the future of cooking. Are these new trends more art than science or vice versa? In all likelihood they are both, but – more importantly – molecular cooking is a pleasure of playing with surprising tastes, aromas and temperatures; and a pleasure available to anyone curious enough. And after all, we are all curious, at least to some extent.”

Łukasz Konik