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Competitions: Canon Cinematography Award

Once again, PLANETE+ DOC FF will give out the Canon Cinematography Award to the best cinematographer. The winning film will receive 4000 €. Films will be judged by a jury consisting of: Irena Gruca-Rozbicka, Bogdan Dziworski and Maciej Nabrdalik. The award is funded by Canon Poland.

Films in the competition

May 9, 14:30  Kinoteka 3

May 12, 14:30  Kinoteka 7

May 13, 13:00  Kinoteka 3

May 12, 19:00  Kinoteka 7

May 15, 19:30  Kinoteka 4

May 17, 22:00  Kinoteka 2

May 9, 21:00  Kinoteka 7

May 10, 14:00  Kinoteka 7

May 11, 17:30  Kinoteka 1

May 12, 11:30  Kinoteka 7
For submitted schools

May 12, 21:30  Kinoteka 3

May 12, 16:30  Kinoteka 7

May 13, 14:00  Kinoteka 1

May 14, 15:30  Kinoteka 7

May 11, 21:30  Iluzjon Stolica

May 12, 14:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 16, 21:00  Iluzjon Mała

May 11, 19:00  Kinoteka 4

May 12, 16:30  Kinoteka 3

May 13, 15:00  Kinoteka 3

May 9, 20:30  Iluzjon Stolica

May 10, 14:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 11, 14:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 12, 18:30  Iluzjon Mała

May 9, 17:00  Kinoteka 7

May 10, 12:00  Kinoteka 7

May 18, 13:00  Kinoteka 5

May 13, 18:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 14, 18:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 13, 19:00  Kinoteka 7

May 14, 21:00  Kinoteka 7

May 15, 21:30  Kinoteka 4

May 10, 19:30  Kinoteka 2

May 11, 21:30  Kinoteka 7

May 17, 19:00  Kinoteka 7


Irena Gruca-Rozbicka

For the last 13 years she has been working as an editor in professional media connected with audio and visual production. For the last 4 years she has been publisher and editor of “FilmPRO” – the biggest Polish magazine devoted to preproduction, production and postproduction of professional audiovisual forms. “FilmPRO” is not only a magazine but also an institution which has been organizing workshops and seminars devoted to the legal aspects of film production, technology and financing. “FilmPRO” is also the official magazine of the Polish Society of Cinematographers PSC. For the last 5 years Irena Gruca-Rozbicka has been supporting various educational initiatives, among them the project of “New Horizons of Film Education” directed at children and youth from around the country. As a part of this project she organizes screenplay writing, camera operating and film editing workshops. As a journalist she has cooperated with: Telewizja Kino Polska, Radio Opole, Radio Plus, TVP3 Katowice, Polish Radio Two, “Kino” magazine as well as German publications “Film & TV Kameramann” and “Cinearte”.

Bogdan Dziworski

Cinematographer, director, screenwriter, lecturer, professor ordinarius of film art and photography. Born December 8, 1941 in Lodz. He studied at the Film School (PWSFTviT) there. He was a cinematographer of Polish Film Chronicle project and many shorts. He stood behind the camera during making of such films as “Na wylot” (“Back to Fro”, 1972), “Krzyż i topór” (“Cross and Axe”, 1973), “Pięciobój nowoczesny” (“Modern Pentathlon”, 1975), “Wieczne pretensje” (“Eternal Grievances”, 1975), “Olimpiada” (“Olympics”, 1978), “The Death Train” (1997). A member of the Polish Filmmakers Association, Association of Polish Art Photographers and Polish Society of Authors and Composers. He lectured at many prestigious universities, like New York University of the Arts, Columbia University, Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica, Ecole Cantonale d’art. de Lausanne, Den Danske Film Skole, University of Lincoln. His many awards include the Silver Hobby-Horse at the Krakow Film Festival in 1973, 1977, 1979 and 1985, the Golden Dragon (Grand Prix) at the same festival in 1983, the Golden Peacock (Grand Prix) at the International Short Films Festival in New Delhi in 1979 and the Golden Laurel (Grand Prix) at the IFF in San Sebastian in 1979. He likes to ski most in his free time.

Maciek Nabrdalik

Maciek Nabrdalik is a documentary photographer, based in Warsaw and represented by the prestigious VII Photo agency. Although Nabrdalik works worldwide, his main concentration is on sociological changes in Eastern Europe. His work has been exhibited in the US, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece and Poland and appears in publications such as “Smithsonian”, “L’Espresso”, “Stern”, “Newsweek”, “Polityka”, “The New York Times” and “The Wall Street Journal”, among others. His awards include honors from World Press Photo (2014), Pictures of the Year International (2011, 2013), NPPA The Best of Photojournalism (2010, 2011, 2012) and multiple awards in his native Poland. Together with his wife, Agnieszka Nabrdalik, he is the author of the book on German-run Nazi camps survivors called “The Irreversible”, which was published in 2013.