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Competitions: Green Cross Warsaw Award

This year PLANETE+ DOC FF will again hand out the Green Cross Warsaw Award to the best ecology-theme movie. The winner will receive 3000 €. A jury consisting of: Przemek Pasek, Michał Piróg, Liliana Religa, will select the winning film. The Green Cross Warsaw Award is accompanied by the “Climate for Change” section of the festival.

Films in the competition

May 15, 19:00  Kinoteka 3

May 16, 19:00  Kinoteka 2

May 17, 17:00  Kinoteka 4

May 15, 18:00  Kinoteka 1

May 16, 15:30  Kinoteka 1

May 18, 15:00  Kinoteka 5

May 9, 18:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 10, 18:30  Iluzjon Stolica

May 12, 20:30  Iluzjon Mała

May 15, 15:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 9, 20:30  Iluzjon Stolica

May 10, 14:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 11, 14:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 12, 18:30  Iluzjon Mała

May 12, 21:00  Kinoteka 1

May 13, 16:30  Kinoteka 1

May 14, 13:00  Kinoteka 7

May 18, 17:00  Kinoteka 5


Przemek Pasek

Born in 1972. Fascinated with water since childhood. Since 2005 he’s been the head of the Ja Wisła (Me the Vistula) foundation, based in Warsaw’s Czerniakow Port. He started with gigs at the Herbatnik barge, then he opened Kino Most – screenings of 16 mm films under the Lazienkowski Bridge. Next he initiated cleaning of the river banks and bike trips along the river, which, with the support of the voivodship government, take place in the whole region. Finally he built the first boat, Stwora (Creature), in which, during cruises, he told about the history of Czerniakow Port, Solec district and the Steamboat Factory. His foundation promotes pre-war open-air dancing traditions. At schools he taught about rivers’ cultural heritage, then he organized cruises on the Vistula. With the Minister of Culture’s support, the foundation built the Basonia, a traditional ferry. He fights for accommodating the Vistula banks and reclaiming the river for the city.

Michał Piróg

Born 1979 in Kielce. Dancer, choreographer, presenter, reporter, ecologist. He was the host of “In MTV Rhythm” and a jury member of TVN’s “You Can Dance”. He was also host in “Your Own Personal Dance Instructor” and “Top Model” TV shows. Zealous pro-ecology activist. Together with friends he started Oxygen Factory foundation, which goal is tree planting. WWF ambassador for the last couple of years. One of the guests of “SOS for the World” campaign. Face of “Play to Stop – Europe for Climate” campaign, represents Poland at conferences in Sweden, Hungary and other countries. Persuades people to live ecologically. Vegetarian since 24th birthday. Critic of consumerism. Takes care of nature, convinces others to “be eco”.

Liliana Religa

Graduated of Specialized Translations Department at the Warsaw University and Gender Mainstreaming at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. She helped with publications on the Green Modernization campaign and projects of Polish and international think-tanks and NGO’s, like Push Europe or Green European Summer University. She writes articles about language of equality, citizens’ energetics and anthropology of eating. In Heinrich Böll Foundation she supports ecological initiatives, promotes articles on equalized growth, ecology and feminism. She coordinates debates and ecological workshops during educational open-air events.