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Afterparty following the screening of “Oldschool Renegades”

MAY 16
10:00 PM | Bułka z Masłem
Entry 10 PLN

20 years after techno music dominated the music scene, Maurice Steenbergen, the director of the film entitled "Oldschool Renegades" paid a visit with his camera to the pioneers of the genre. Their colleagues from the Wroclaw music scene: KAZÜLA (Viadrina), DJ PLAN and SEB (Step Ahed) will perform at the afterparty following the screening.

KAZÜLA – initially the organiser of concerts and events under the slogan “Indie Sounds Night”, later half of the Slam Dunk duo. His current producing project Viadrina has performed in Poland, Paris, Zurich, Berlin, Prague, Brtislava, Novosibirsks or the Mexican Playa Del Carmen. KAZÜLA writes coverage of these trips as well as his own blog on architecture. When he performs solo he does not shy away from the house sounds of his own project although he likes to play stronger and harder without exaggerated rawness and officiousness of a techno nouveau riche.

DJ PLAN (Aleksander Krawczyk) started his career playing rock’n’roll at his own prom in 1995. At the turn of the century together with Dj Konrad Wolf they created a project called KAROSCHI as well as Sonic Party. He worked at London’s The End and performed in Play on Old Street. He also makes regular appearances at events held in the Wrocław clubs Wagon, Outside, Dziwne Dni, Melin Cafe, Das Lokalu, UP Wrocław as well as events held at the Garden of Bwa Gallery. As a resident of Droga do Mekki he supported, among others, Aril Brikha, Appatar or Sleeparchive. He performs only from vinyl records, mainly Minimal House.

SEB – has been behind gramophones for over 10 years, he moves within the deep-tech house style. A former resident of many Wrocław clubs, among them Droga do Mekki, where he was responsible for the musical setting and the cycle of Stay Dirty! Import, with the participation of, among others, Antonelli Electric, Jeff Milligan, Narcotic Syntax, Lawrence aka Sten, Apparat, Noze, Swayzak, Deadbeat or Aril Brikha. He created the LOG: IN club. He is currently co-hosting a program in Akademickie Radio LUZ entitled “Club Evening”. Further development of the STEP AHEAD project has also been planned.