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Party ‘89: Bad Bitches, after the film “1989” and the debate (screening at 6 p.m. at Kinoteka)

MAY 14
10:00 PM | Cafe Kulturalna
Free entry.

“1989” – the new film by Michał Bielawski (“Mundial. The Highest Stakes”) presents the Polish state of mind in 1989. Based on both personal and public archives, it is a portrait of the time of transformation. After the premiere screening BADBITCHES DJ duo (https://www.facebook.com/swagczolgi) will play for the audience at the Festival Club in the evening.

DJ Foka and DJ Ivvona are known for organizing the best discos in the city. This time they will dust off their favorite tapes dating back to the first years of their primary school. There will be a lot of Polish music and a lot of foreign hits from the era. The audience will hear both Kombi and Lambada, as well as numerous songs which we find embarrassing nowadays, although in fact we really love them secretly. They are also were a testimony to the time of the Round Table Talks.

A debate on the images of the year 1989 in Polish cinema will take place in Kinoteka after the screening and before the party.