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Party: Branko (Buraka Som Sistema) plus Yadi and Global Diggers, after the screening of “Off the Beaten Track” (screening at 7.30 p.m. at Kinoteka)

10:00 PM | Cafe Kulturalna
Free entry. Priority for holders of tickets for the screening preceding the event.

Buraka Som Sistema, a famous Portuguese group, is one of the most interesting examples of modern club music. In “Off the Beaten Track” for a year we have a chance to travel with the band to various parts of the world looking for exciting and original inspirations to their new album. In the movie, the director wants to define what the kuduro music the band plays really is and what is its role in development of contemporary music. After the screening a meeting will be held in the cinema room with one of the leading band’s producers – Branko. Aftewards, he will perform a show in the festival club Cafe Kulturalna.

BRANKO spreads his messages through an international amalgamation of rhythms, fusing musical styles and global backgrounds through hip-hop, house and techno. He continues to make the world that little bit closer by pulling influences from all corners of the globe for a heady mix of musical flavours that never ceases to excite and entertain. Branko’s “Control” EP was released on 7th April via Enchufada. Teaming up with Algerian-British-Norwegian Yadi led to the frentic sonic fusion of “Control”; equal parts Egyptian-inspired temptress and empowering anthem atop a club-friendly bassline. Branko is also busy working on Buraka Som Sistema’s new studio album, scheduled for release in June.

GLOBAL DIGGERS mean joined forces of Wujek Ben (Powiększenie), Duże Pe (Czwórka / Masala Soundsystem / Molotov Cocktail Party), Bartosz (Full Tandeta) and Warsaw Balkan Madness. They guarantee a solid dose of ultra-dance, strongly bass music inspired by broadly understood “folklorish” elements. They discover new, eclectic-electronic face of traditional music from South America, Africa, the Caribbean, Balkans and other regions – and take you to the journey around beaches from all over the world.