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Journey to Jah
Journey to Jah
Journey to Jah
Journey to Jah
Journey to Jah
Journey to Jah
W drodze do Jah
dir. Noël Dernesch, Moritz Springer, Germany/Switzerland, 2013, 92 mins
Screening times
May 12 18:00, Iluzjon Stolica
May 13 21:00, Iluzjon Stolica
May 14 20:30, Iluzjon Stolica
May 18 16:00, Iluzjon Stolica
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About the film

The German singer Gentleman and his Italian counterpart Alborosie are two of the most important reggae artists in Europe. In 1999, Alborosie went on a two-week trip to Jamaica. He’s been living there for 14 years now and plays to enthusiastic Jamaican audiences together with Gentleman. “Journey to Jah” paints a varied picture of the importance and spiritual meaning of reggae on the Caribbean island, where music is used to fight violence, sexism and poverty. As Alborosie says, “God lives here, but Satan too”. For seven years, filmmakers Noël Dernesch and Moritz Springer followed the two “Jamaicanized” artists on their flight from Western consumerism and their search for the roots of the Rastafarians and reggae music, and for a way to give meaning to their lives. Several musicians on the island support them along the way. They play together on the streets and are faced with the joyful, but also harsh reality of life on the island. Footage focusing on their lives as musicians is interspersed with interviews and stylized montages of scenes from everyday life. The result is a kaleidoscopic impression of a world where music serves as a path to unity.


Reżyseria/Directed by: Noël Dernesch, Moritz Springer
Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Marcus Winterbauer
Produkcja/Production: René Römert, Jan Krüger; PiXiU Films, Port-au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion

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