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The Dream
The Dream
The Dream
The Dream
The Dream
The Dream
Kuchnia wszystkich zmysłów / El Somni
dir. Franc Aleu, Spain, 2014, 82 mins
Section: Fetish and Culture  ·  Competition: Canon Cinematography Award
Screening times
May 13 18:00, Iluzjon Stolica
May 14 18:00, Iluzjon Stolica
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About the film

The film uses discourse characteristic of the documentary film genre combined with the narrative resources of experimental film, fiction and animation. For the first time ever, the creative talents of musicians, poets, artists, composers, singers, and visual artists from around the world come together for a dining experience fusing art and cuisine. “The Dream” shatters the boundaries of every artistic, spatial and conceptual discipline to make way for a marriage between opera and gastronomy, with art and intellectual thought as the driving forces behind the project. The experience provides spectators with an opportunity to witness the birth of this adventure and a provides an opportunity to delve into the underlying creative emotions of the discourse that is the Roca Brothers’ cuisine, which aims to arouse feelings and emulate the experience of the dinner guests in attendance at the event held in Barcelona.

Special events accompanying the screenings:

May 13, Tuesday | 18:00 | ILUZJON | Debate: Food as an Experience – What is Food Design?


Reżyseria/Directed by: Franc Aleu
Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Jo Sol
Produkcja/Production: Jaume Roures; Mediapro

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