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The Doge's Palace
The Doge's Palace
The Doge's Palace
The Doge's Palace
Pałac Dożów
dir. Julia Groszek, Romania, 2012, 27 mins
Screening times
May 12 20:30, Iluzjon Stolica
May 13 18:30, Iluzjon Mała
May 14 16:30, Iluzjon Mała
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About the film

It’s a story about simple life, friendship and dreams. The everyday hard work and living in a train far away from home, shape the life of a group of railway workers. The male community shares its joys and fears and has to bear the consequences of being apart from their families.


Reżyseria/Directed by: Julia Groszek
Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Cristi Moldovan
Produkcja/Production: Dan Nutu; Aristoteles Workshop

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Przyzwoity debiut, z wszystkimi zrozumiałymi w tym wypadku ograniczeniami. (JL05)