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Concert: GwEm and Tonylight | Party: Funky Masons; funk/disco/modern boogie/rap/house – following the screening of “Europe in 8 Bits” (screening at DOLNOŚLĄSKIE CENTRUM FILMOWE at 7.30 p.m.)

MAY 17
10:00 PM | Bułka z Masłem
Free entry.

Several artists dusted off their old Game Boys almost twenty years after they had played them in childhood. However, they treated them not as game consoles, as but musical instruments serving as innovative and original DJ equipment. Two of them – the main characters of the film entitled “Europe in 8 bits”GwEm and Toynlight will perform at the party after the screening of the film.

GwEm has a career in 8 bit music lasting more than 10 years and over two hundred gigs in at least twenty countries. He creates his 8bit music using the maxYMiser software he wrote for the 1980s Atari ST home computer. His extensive catalogue of material includes drum’n’bass, punk, heavy metal, garage, electro, folk, house, grime, dad rock, happy hardcore and dubstep, all joined by the artistic freedom the 8bit scene gives him.

Antonio Cavadini aka Tonylight is an 8bit techno-dadaist that uses Game Boys and homemade analogue drum machines in his Detroit-influenced club sessions. He lives and works in Milano, Italy. He plays the Game Boy and old computers like Nes and Atari ST and since 2001, analog synth and a sequencer.