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Debate: How to Abolish a Dictator? Free Belarusian Theatre, Euromaidan, Russian human rights activists – will Eastern Europe fight its way to freedom? – following the screening of “Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus”

MAY 12
In Polish and English.
Free entry. Priority for holders of tickets for the screening preceding the event.

“Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus”, a story of an independent Belarusian theatre group, makes you think about individual resistance acts, the independence of thought and the need of freedom that lingers in the societies of Eastern Europe. What conclusions can we draw from the acts of resistance so far – demonstrations, happenings, independent artists’ initiatives? Each of us is asking the question: How much time will pass and how much sacrifice is needed before everyone in Ukraine, Belarus or Russia will be able to express their opinions freely, without the fear of oppression?


Madeleine Sackler
– film director
Andrej Sannikau – Belarusian politician and social activist, presidential candidate in Belarus in 2010, former prisoner of conscience
Draginja Nadaždin – Amnesty International


Andrzej Poczobut – Belarusian journalist, correspondent of “Gazeta Wyborcza”, former prisoner of conscience