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Masterclass by Michel Gondry

MAY 10
12:00 PM | Kinoteka
In Polish and English.
Tickets can be purchased at Kinoteka box office.
Professional filmmakers could apply for free tickets till April 18th.

Image and sound, rhythm and time. Or the videoclips of Michel Gondry.

Director, screenwriter and producer; author of feature films, videoclips and documentaries; inventor, visual artist and musician Michel Gondry is a guest of honour of this year’s edition of the PLANETE + DOC FILM FESTIVAL. His film “Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?” in which the director, literally, films his conversation with one of the most renowned linguists, philosophers and political activists of our time, takes part in the contest for the Millennium Prize.

During the masterclass, which will be conducted by a music journalist Filip Kalinowski, Michel Gondry will talk about his attitude of connecting image with sound and ways of transcribing the impressions from one sense to the other. Giving specific examples and the overview of his work, the director, renowned for working with Björk, Daft Punk, The Rolling Stones or Kanye West, will ponder over the topics of the rhythm, time, juggling conventions and constant work with other artists. The issue of creativity in the context of his film collection does not need to be mentioned. It will emerge anyway. The screening of videoclips will accompany the discussion.

Wykłady mistrzowskie będzie można obejrzeć na stronie www.ninateka.pl.