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Grand Opening of PLANETE+ DOC FF

We invite audiences in Warsaw and Wroclaw to the Academy Award nominated Sam Green's live documentary "The Measure of All Things"
On May 8 in Warsaw's Iluzjon cinema (8PM) and on May 9 in Wrocław's Dolnośląskie Centrum Kultury (7PM), a very special event will launch 11th PLANETE+ DOC FILM FESTIVAL - 2004 Academy Award nominee Sam Green will perform his new live documentary, "The Measure of All Things", with a three-piece band,

Live documentaries incorporate all elements of "traditional" film: screenplay, camerawork, soundtrack and director's narrative.

Drawing inspiration from travel diaries, Japanese Benshi actors and TED speeches, "The Measure of All Things" will be screened with live narration by Sam Green and live music played as the soundtrack.

The main theme of "Measure of All Things" is the Guiness Book of World Records; viewers will be introcuced to some of the most original record-holders, including world's tallest man, oldest organism, man most-often struck by lightning, and the person with world's longest name.

Music for the piece has been composed and will be performed by: Brendan Canty, T. Griffin and Catherine McRae.

"Measure of All Things" premiered atSundance in January 2014.

More information about the piece can be found at: www.measureofthings.com

Tickets will be on sale from May 1 in box offics of Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe, at www.dcf.wroclaw.pl and at www.iluzjon.fn.org.pl. Iluzjon ticket office will be selling the tickets from May 4.