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Michael Glawogger died

Renowned, award-winning Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger died on April 23rd of malaria
On April 23, prominent Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger died at the age of 54 in Liberia while working on his latest film project. His documentary trilogy about contemporary problems: "Megacities" (1998), "Workingman's Death" (2005) and "Whore's Glory" won himinternational acclaim and fame.

In 2012, Glawogger visited PLANETE+ DOC festival for the last time, to attend the Polish premiere of "Whore's Glory" and conduct a Masterclass together with his co-worker, camera operator Wolfgang Thaler.

Artur Liebhart, PLANETE+ DOC FILM FESTIVAL director, remembers:Michael Glawogger:

Michael ( Misha) Glawogger will not complete his favorite freestyle project he had been waiting to shoot for so many years, to be able to live the moment and follow the unexpexted, free of any itinerary, deadline or budgetary constraints. He hit the road last year.

He died of a malaria attack in Liberia.

He was one of PLANETE+ DOC festival's friends, supporting us in the "heroic" period of the festival. He would set us as an example, inspiring and astonishing us with his working style, giving unusual in the film world freedom to his editor and camera operators - in this respect, his "Megacities" is a milestone in the history of documentary cinema.

Many people remember his 2012 visit: he seemed more like an Alpine shaman than an Austrian filmmaker. He loved intense discussions and humorous quips; and at the same time, he was very much down to earth.

He and Wolfgang Thaler created the best director-operator duo in the documentary cinema.

Let us not forget Misha and his art, as he will never be able to visit us again.