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Become a co-creator of an underwater documentary

Take part in the kickstarter campaign and become a co-creator of "On the Sea with Badjao" by Eliza Kubarska
Take part in the production of the film “On the Sea with Badjao” directed by Eliza Kubarska and produced by Monika Braid. Support the kickstarter campaign and become a co-creator of the underwater documentary about an extraordinary world of the Badajo Sea Nomads from Borneo.

Badjao are illegal and have no citizenship. Nobody protects them. Their world is ending. Tourist resorts replace Badjao’s colourful settlements.

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The creators of the film need your help to finish the post-production of the film. Every, even the most modest amount, will make a difference. Everyone who takes part in the campaign, will receive an award and become a co-creator of this film!

Do not let “Badjao” be just another strange-sounding word. Help us tell the story of the underwater people before it is too late.

Find us soon on www.kickstarter.com. Search for 'On the Sea with Badjao' and help to finish the film!