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Competitions: Chopin's Nose Award

This year’s festival will once again hold a competition for the best music documentary. The winning film will receive the Chopin’s Nose Award and 1000 euros. The winning film will be selected by a jury consisting of Monika Brodka, Agnieszka Szydłowska, Jarek Szubrycht.

The National Audiovisual Institute is the partner of the Chopin's Nose Award competition.

Films in the competition

May 9, 18:00  Iluzjon Mała

May 10, 16:30  Iluzjon Mała

May 13, 16:00  Iluzjon Mała

May 16, 19:00  Kinoteka 7

May 17, 20:00  Kinoteka 2

May 18, 19:30  Kinoteka 7

May 12, 18:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 13, 21:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 14, 20:30  Iluzjon Stolica

May 18, 16:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 9, 21:30  Kinoteka 4

May 14, 19:00  Kinoteka 2

May 9, 21:30  Kinoteka 3

May 10, 19:00  Kinoteka 7

May 11, 14:00  Kinoteka 3

May 11, 12:30  Kinoteka 3

May 17, 19:30  Kinoteka 5

May 18, 22:00  Kinoteka 5

May 13, 21:30  Kinoteka 2

May 14, 13:00  Kinoteka 1

May 18, 21:30  Kinoteka 1

May 9, 17:00  Kinoteka 4

May 13, 22:30  Kinoteka 1

May 16, 12:30  Kinoteka 4

May 17, 22:00  Kinoteka 4


Monika Brodka

Polish pop vocalist born in 1987. Winner of the third edition of the Polish version of the American “Idol” contest, where she received 69 percent of the votes. Her debut album, called simply “Album”, released in 2004 sold 35 000 copies. Her artistic level rises with each consecutive project. Her second album entitled “My songs” turned out to be a hit with listeners and received the status of Gold record. It was her next record called “GRANDA”, however, that marked a turning point in her career. It fully showed both Brodka’s talent, possibilities and her great stage energy. It quickly went double platinum with both Brodka and the record’s producer Bartek Dziedzic receiving excellent reviews and awards. Brodka received, among others, The Róża Gali Award, SuperHiro Award as well as a nomination to the Passport of “Polityka”, while the Phonographic Academy awarded the record 4 Fryderyk Awards in the categories of: Vocalist of the Year, Pop Record of the Year, Video of the Year and Music Production of the Year. Brodka played over 100 concerts with her band as part of her “GRANDA” Tour, she also performed at Open’er Festival, Top Trendy Festival and Art Pop Festival. She released her latest album “EPka LAX” in 2012. The record, sandwiched between a single and a full-track record, was recorded in Red Bull Studio in Los Angeles and for the first few months after release was available to fans only in digital version in the best digital music stores. Yielding to pressure from her fans Brodka also released the material in the form of a CD which included 3 videos as well. Brodka keeps following her artistic instincts which are faithful to alternative pop.

Agnieszka Szydłowska

Radio and TV journalist, affiliated with Trójka (Polish Radio Program 3). Author of music radio shows: “Alternative Program” and “PS”, as well as co-author of culture-devoted show “Radio Cultural Center”. Agnieszka collaborates with TVP Kultura.

Jarek Szubrycht

Journalist and owner of a company called Trzecie Ucho (Third Ear). He concentrates on areas where music, marketing and digital media meet. Among his clients are: Sziget Festival, OFF Festival, Electronic Beats Festival (Polska) and Goodfest. Editor-in-chief of T-Mobile Music Internet Portal. As a journalist, Jarek Szubrycht writes about pop culture, mainly in music, but also cinema. He collaborates with “Polityka” weekly, has also previously contributed to magazines “Przekrój”, “Machina”, “Film”, to Interia.pl and “Dziennik” daily. Author of books on Slayer and Maryla Rodowicz. Fans of heavy metal music know him from his performance in Lux Occulta.