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Competitions: Lower Silesia Grand Prix – The Marshall of Lower Silesia Award

For the third time PLANETE+ DOC FF in cooperation with the cultural institution Odra-Film, is also organizing the Festival in Wroclaw. A jury, consisting of: Adrianna Prodeus, Bodo Kox and Katarzyna Roj will give out the Lower Silesia Grand Prix – The Marshall of Lower Silesia Award and 3000 € to the winning film from the Millennium Competition. The Award is funded by the Marshall of Lower Silesia.


Adriana Prodeus

Film and art critic. Author of the book “Themersons. Biographical notes” (2009, Czuły Barbarzyńca Press) as well as a chapter devoted to modernity in a volume of Polish animated films edited by Marcin Giżycki and Bogusław Zmudziński (2008, PWA). Together with Kuba Mikurda edited “The thirteenth month. The cinema of the Quay Brothers” (2010, ha!art) while with Katarzyna Roj “Manifesto Book. Let’s change everything” (2011, National Culture Center, Kordegarda Gallery). Her essay entitled “Antonisz. A man without a camera” was published last year as part of the volume entitled “Technology is for me a kind of an art”, devoted to the works of Julian Józef Antonisz (2013, Zachęta National Gallery of Art) which accompanied the exhibition of the artist’s works. Holder of a Fulbright Foundation scholarship at the Tisch School of the Arts at the New York University. She has been lecturing in Muranow Cinema for the past 7 years as part of the Association called “New Horizons of Film Education”. She publishes regularly in, among others, “Kino” magazine as well as the websites: Krytyka Polityczna, obieg.pl, stopklatka, kultura liberalna, dwutygodnik.com, in “Newsweek”, “Ruch Muzyczny” and “Biuro”. Curator of a review of adaptations at the International Storytelling festival in Wroclaw. She hosted New Film Club as well as Zrób to sam/ Majsterklasy at the Nowy Teatr of Krzysztof Warlikowski in Warsaw. She is an editor of the cultural magazine “WOK. Everything About Culture” in TVP2 where she is responsible for its part devoted to art. In the 2013/2014 season she is working on a Commission of a National Competition for best staging of modern art. A native of Wroclaw, she lives in Warsaw.

Bodo Kox

An embodiment of independence, eccentricity and uncompromising attitude of independent cinema. He evokes extreme emotions – adored by some, hated by others, but definitely one of the most original independent artists in Poland. Born in 1977. Director, screenwriter, amateur-actor, happener. Graduate of the Journalism Department at the Wroclaw University as well as „Studio Prób” at the School of Andrzej Wajda. A student of the Directing Department at the Leon Schiller Film School in Lodz. Considered one of the most important and expressive creators of Polish independent cinema, nicknamed “icon of off cinema”. “Dziewczyna z szafy” (“The Girl from the Wardrobe”) is his professional cinematographic debut, representing a switch from “off” to “mainstream” cinema.

Katarzyna Roj

Graduated from the Philosophy and History of Art Departments of the Wroclaw University. Author of a new exhibition programme of Dizajn BWA Wroclaw gallery, curator and editor. Since 2009 she has been developing “Teraz dizajn! ” series for the gallery, which helps to understand interdisciplinary designing problems. She debuted with a project “Goodbye Design! ”, which encompassed an exhibition of famous products’ shadows (execution: “Lo-ladesigns”) and a cycle of meetings devoted to bankruptcy of traditional models in design theory. Curator of monographic exhibitions of graphic designers, including “Fontarte” (Magdalena i Artur Frankowscy), “Hakobo” (Jakub Stepien), Lukasz Paluch. Together with many curators she decorates and does set design of art exhibitions. Curator of independent, spontaneous activist movements. Together with Marian Misiak and Michal Grzegorzek she edits “Typoactivism – a guide”. Redactor of “Hakobo Graphic World” album. Author of many text about contemporary material culture. Curator of the artistic scene of IFF T-Mobile New Horizons.