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Debate: Economic Growth – Sustainable and (Un)limited? – following the screening of “Last Call”

MAY 15
In Polish and English.
Free entry. Priority for holders of tickets for the screening preceding the event.

40 years after the “Limits to Growth” was published, the message resonates stronger than ever: economic growth based on highly polluting fossil fuels and swelling global population put our planet under immense pressure that may soon be beyond its limits. How can we secure global prosperity anchored in a sustainable and balanced relationship between humans and nature? How to paint economic growth in green? To which extent is green growth based on sustainable technologies and innovation the answer to our predicament? How can Poland capitalise on foreign experiences to unlock potential and pursue opportunities for building a sustainable economy?


Enrico Cerasuolo – director of “Last Call”
Prof. Wawrzyniec Konarski –Vice-President of the Polish Association for the Club of Rome, Jagiellonian University
Mirella Panek-Owsiańska – President of Responsible Business Forum, Warsaw
Prof. Lars Rydén– Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development (Sweden), founder and long-term director of the Baltic University Programme


Edwin Bendyk – journalist, “Polityka”