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Debate: The youngest country of the world is bleeding – how to help South Sudan, Africa and developing countries wisely – following the screening of the film “We Come As Friends”

MAY 10
In Polish and English.
Free entry. Priority for the ticket holders for the screening preceding the event.

South Sudan is the youngest country in the world, which after 23 years of civil war regained independence in 2011. As many as 3,5 mln of the citizens are in need of immediate help, one third of the population do not currently have access to running water. Moreover, Sudan has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. The country is frequently experiences bouts with starvation, during which dozens of people die. New film by Hubert Sauper, "We come as friends" tells the story the country's way to its independence.

How to help wisely not only South Sudan but other African and developing countries as well? We will undertake topics connected with: organisation of infrastructural aid and necessity of social investments, providing of support to allow independent changes to people’s fates, underline the role of volunteers and organisation workers. Can any willing person help or should we leave this issue to the professionals exclusively? The partner of the debate is Kulczyk Foundation.


Dominika Kulczyk – president of Kulczyk Foundation, founder and vice-president of Green Cross Poland
Michał Wieczorek – head of the medical team, Polish Center for International Aid
Prof. Piotr Balcerowicz – President, Association Education for Peace
Robert Zduńczyk – President, Poland - East Africa Economic Foundation
Dariusz Skonieczko – Curator of the African collection, The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw


Jarosław Kociszewski – Polish Radio