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Oldschool Renegades
Oldschool Renegades
Oldschool Renegades
Oldschool Renegades
Oldschool Renegades
Oldschool Renegades
Oldskulowi renegaci
dir. Maurice Steenbergen, The Netherlands, 2013, 92 mins
Screening times
May 9 21:30, Kinoteka 3
May 10 19:00, Kinoteka 7
May 11 14:00, Kinoteka 3
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About the film

Twenty years after techno, house and rave swept the charts for the first time, the director Maurice Steenbergen has gone on a world tour to visit the standard-bearers who were the first people to get the world onto its feet with their ecstatic music. A group of known and unknown pioneers and “old school renegades”, who in their own words describe a music that turned its back and created its own musical revolution. This is the documentation of a group that made the soundtrack for both the candy-coloured eighties and the house nineties. A new world of mechanical sound architecture, repetitive beats, piano riffs and smiley logos. To the sound of electronic music machines, a euphoric time is revealed, when a new drug became fashionable that opened up people’s consciousness to a psychedelic music universe. A tale about how techno culture invented and discovered musicians with a penchant for synth sounds and made them one-hit wonders or let chance have its way as with Moby, who had his breakthrough with his Twin Peaks-like sample song “Go”. Get out your glowsticks and dance your way back into music history.

Special events accompanying the screenings:

May 10, Saturday | 22:00 | Cafe Kulturalna | Party: Oldschool Renegades: Jacek Sienkiewicz, Mic Ostap and friends


Reżyseria/Directed by: Maurice Steenbergen
Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Menno van Dijk
Produkcja/Production: Maurice Steenbergen; Maurice Steenbergen Productions, TopNotch, DPlus Visuals

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Dobry dokument ale bardziej dla ludzi lubiących house (figaro)