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Light Fly, Fly High
Light Fly, Fly High
Light Fly, Fly High
Light Fly, Fly High
Light Fly, Fly High
Zaciśnij pięści i leć
dir. Beathe Hofseth, Susann Østigaard, Norway/Denmark, 2013, 80 mins
Screening times
May 12 16:30, Kinoteka 4
May 13 16:30, Kinoteka 2
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About the film

Thulasi is a young Indian woman who knows she has a tough future ahead of her. Not only is she a woman, but she was born a “Dalit”, or “untouchable” in the Indian caste system. Her early years were a struggle for survival and now, as a young adult, she is determined to fight for a better life – quite literally. Making use of a government program that offers jobs to young athletes, she is trying to fight her way to the top in the boxing ring. But at nearly 25, she has almost reached the cut-off point to receive help from the program. Although she is one of the best boxers on her team, there are more obstacles to overcome than just the boxing championship. Taking part in these competitions is an expensive business, so the boss of the boxing association has the power to make or break her career. And as soon as you enter his office with its curtains drawn, you know exactly what he wants in return for his signature. But Thulasi is not prepared to exchange sexual favors for a piece of paper. Beathe Hofseth and Susann Østigaard’s first full-length documentary follows the courageous young woman through this crucial period, including her struggles inside and outside the ring. Will Thulasi be able to take control of her own fate and get an honest shot at an independent life?


Reżyseria/Directed by: Beathe Hofseth, Susann Østigaard
Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Susann Østigaard
Produkcja/Production: Beathe Hofseth, Susann Østigaard; Fri Film

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