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Competitions: Amnesty International Award

During this year’s Amnesty International Award competition for films on human rights issues, the jury will award one of the 9 best films with 3 000 euros. The jury members are: Draginja Nadaždin, Mirosław Chojecki and Tadeusz Sobolewski.

Draginja Nadaždin talks about the idea behind the Amnesty International Award:

Amnesty International would like to focus on the new emerging issues related to the protection of human rights. We are looking for a film that would portray the situation of people whose rights are infringed upon, and the problems they face. We are interested in a variety of topics but the key factor for us is the manner in which these human rights violations were shown and the films’ informative value.
By presenting the topic of human rights in global terms, many documentary films become sources of inspiration and motivation to act. Through them filmmakers are making people aware of the human rights issues throughout the world. It is important that they themselves are not indifferent.
Our award is presented as a means of thanking those filmmakers, whose film best communicates the values crucial to all human rights activists.

Films in the competition

May 15, 14:00  Kinoteka 7

May 16, 13:00  Kinoteka 7

May 10, 18:30  Kinoteka 3

May 11, 16:30  Kinoteka 3

May 12, 16:30  Kinoteka 3

May 15, 13:00  Kinoteka 4

May 13, 21:00  Iluzjon Stolica

May 14, 20:30  Iluzjon Stolica

May 15, 21:00  Kinoteka 7

May 16, 15:00  Kinoteka 7

May 17, 16:30  Kinoteka 7

May 10, 18:00  Kinoteka 1

May 11, 15:30  Kinoteka 1

May 12, 14:00  Kinoteka 2

May 10, 19:00  Kinoteka 2

May 11, 13:30  Kinoteka 7

May 12, 16:30  Kinoteka 2


Draginja Nadazdin – Chairman of the Jury

Draginja Nadazdin is a chief executive of Amnesty International Poland. A graduate of the Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology Institute at Warsaw University and the Human Rights School run by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. She has been working in the non-government sector since 1999. Since 2000 she has been a contributor of a social and cultural periodical (Op. cit.,)

Tadeusz Sobolewski

Film critic, graduate of the Polish Studies Department at Warsaw University. In the years 1974 to 1981 he worked for Film monthly. Until 1994 he had been the chief editor of Kino monthly. He currently works as film critic in daily Gazeta Wyborcza.

Miroslaw Chojecki

University of Warsaw graduate, organisation of television production instructor at Collegium Civitas and the Melchior Wańkowicz School of Journalism in Warsaw. Producer of more than 400 documentary films and TV programs worldwide. Chairman of Media Kontakt since 1984. Co-founder and honorary president of the Free Speech Society. Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience in the 1980s.