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Private Universe
Soukromý vesmír
Prywatny wszechświat
dir. Helena Třeštíková, Czech Republic, 2012, 83 mins
Screening times
May 12 14:30, Kinoteka 4 Buy online
May 15 21:30, Kinoteka 2 Buy online
May 16 21:30, Kinoteka 1 Buy online
May 19 15:30, Kinoteka 1 Buy online
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About the film

"Private Universe" is an epic 37-year story of a singular Czech family and an extraordinary country. In 1974, Jana and Petr gave birth to their first child, Honza, inspiring Petr to start keeping exhaustive journals in film and writing, documenting the family’s life together and the changing political and social climate in Czechoslovakia. It was the cheerless era of socialism and a totalitarian regime. The family lived with the two grandmothers in a one-room flat. Soon enough, they found a house outside of Prague and their family grew. Turbulent times in their family were mirrored by unrest in the country as protests against the Communist leadership popped up, resulting in the Velvet Revolution and the switch to democracy. Meanwhile, Honza drops out of school, smokes pot and the family struggles to keep the peace. Narrated by present-day Petr and Jana, Private Universe is a fascinating vision of a much-changed society.

Wybrane festiwale i nagrody / Selected festivals and awards: 2012 – Hot Docs Toronto / Hot Docs Toronto


Reżyseria/Directed by: Helena Třeštíková
Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Petr Kettner, Michal Hladik, Tomáš Třeštík
Producenci/Producers: Katerina Cerna, Pavel Strnad, Helena Trestíková
Produkcja /Production: Ceská Televize, Negativ

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