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Efterklang Concert

May 18, Saturday
22:30 | Cafe Kulturalna |Efterklang Concert

Tickets for the screening can be purchased at Kinoteka

To enter the concert you have to pick up an entry pass:
1. Entrance only with free entry passes.
2. To receive a free entry pass, one needs to come to the Festival Centre in Kinoteka between May 10 and 18 with two VALID and UNUSED tickets for the PLANETE+ DOC FILM FESTIVAL (only paid for tickets). Then they will receive a free entry pass, that allows the entry for the concert.
3. Two valid tickets entitle to only one entry pass. One can get only one entry pass for the concert..
4. The number of entry passes is limited. Two valid an unused tickets do not automatically guarantee an entry pass.
5. The entry passes will be given out on a first-come-first-service basis.
6. One can obtain an entry pass in the working hours of the Festival Centre.

The band Efterklang is the main protagonist of the film “The Ghost of Piramida”, which is shown during the Award Ceremony of Planete+ Doc FILM FESTIVAL. It is a story about the abandoned worker’s settlement Piramida, where the Danish band Efterklang recorded sounds for their new album “Piramida”, published in September 2012. After the screening of the film “The Ghost of Piramida” Efterklang will give a gig in the Festival Club Cafe Kulturalna.
Efterklang was created in Copenhagen in 2001. Its members are: Mads Christian Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg.