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Train of Thoughts
Metro myśli
dir. Timo Novotny, Austria, 2012, 85 mins
Section: The City's Ours  ·  Competition: Canon Cinematography Award
Screening times
May 10 18:30, Iluzjon Stolica
May 11 20:00, Iluzjon Mała
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About the film

New York's subway is a place to rest, a break from internet connections, a potential meeting place for lovers and a place where the whole world meets. In Hollywood, the subway is just another film set with palm trees and red lights. And in Tokyo, the subway is equal to the opportunity of grasping the behind of a Japanese woman, plus the absolute number one location for suicides.

But what can the underground networks actually tell us about the special aura of a metropolis? In Timo Novotny's audiovisual essay Trains of Thoughts, the subway is explored as something more than just a means of transport. From New York to Los Angeles and from Japan to Hong Kong, we are literally sucked into an underworld of narrow tunnels, artificial light and darkness. The experimental 3D feeling is supported by Sofa Surfers' soft and sinister electronic soundtrack, which in fleeting moments turns Novotny's film into a long science fiction music video.

Wybrane festiwale i nagrody / Selected festivals and awards: 2012 – CPH:DOX Kopenhaga / CPH:DOX Copenhagen, 2012 – MFF Amsterdam / IDFA

Attend the live performance of the band Sofa Surfers, who created the music for "Trains of Thoughts", during Timo Novotny's film remix at the opening of the festival. Warsaw, Thursday, May 9, Iluzjon. More in films and events schedule or at www.planetedocff.pl


Reżyseria / Directed by: Timo Novotny
Zdjęcia / Cinematography by: Jakob Barth, Katica DePascale, Simone Laimer, Timo Novotny, Michael Reiter
Producenci / Producers: Ulrich Gehmacher, Timo Novotny
Produkcja / Production: Orbrock, inLoops, ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen

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