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In the Shadow of the Sun
W cieniu słońca
dir. Harry Freeland, UK, 2012, 88 mins
Screening times
May 15 21:00, Kinoteka 7 Buy online
May 16 15:00, Kinoteka 7 Buy online
May 17 16:30, Kinoteka 7 Buy online
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About the film

In Tanzania, witch doctors still propagate the belief that the body parts of albino people will bring wealth and good fortune. This superstition is so strong that albinos fear for their lives. Against the background of a series of brutal murders of albinos, two albino men try to pursue their dream. Josephat has spent most of his life campaigning against anti-albino discrimination, traveling from one community to another to confront them with their deeds. The education he received has helped him through difficult times, he explains, and now he is trying to teach other people. Fifteen-year-old Vedastus would like nothing better than to learn. He's smart and creative, but his poor eyesight is an obstacle to academic success. Now he is desperately hoping for a new chance at a special school. If they want to achieve their aims, Josephat and Vedastus will have to overcome not only other people's prejudice, but also their own fears – because the murderer could always be waiting just around the next corner. Rationality is Josephat's shield: “we can't be refugees in our own country just because of our color”.

Wybrane festiwale i nagrody / Selected festivals and awards: 2013 – FF Human Rights Watch Londyn / Human Rights Watch FF London, 2012 – MFF Amsterdam / IDFA, 2012 – Doc Point Helsinki


Reżyseria/Directed by: Harry Freeland
Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Harry Freeland, Martin Webb
Producenci/Producers: Harry Freeland
Produkcja /Production: Inroad Films

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