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dir. Francesco Cavaliere, Italy, 2011, 73 mins
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May 12 16:30, Kinoteka 2 Buy online
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About the film

(R)esistenza follows eight stories of civil resistance in Scampia, the notorious suburban district of Naples as also described in Roberto Savianoʼs novel: “Gomorrah”. Against a backdrop of organized crime, high unemployment and social decay, the protagonists tell us about their lives and the daily struggle to make their neighborhood a better place to live. Don Aniello Manganiello, a very active priest in the fight against the Camorra; recently in the media spotlight after the unjustified and controversial decision of the local church leaders to move him away from Scampia to a Parish in Rome against the will of the entire community. Ciro Corona, founder of the Association (R)esistenza Anticamorra that has been spreading the culture of legality among the younger generation of Scampia, often victims of the negative influence of the Camorra criminal culture. Angelo Ferrillo, founder of the website laterradeifuochi.it that reports through videos and photographs the environmental disaster caused by the illegal burning of toxic industrial waste in the fields of a vast area between Naples and Caserta. Daniela Ruocco Terracciano is ex drug addict but today a volunteer social worker for a rehabilitation community. She tells the difficulties of raising a large family who lives in an occupied school in Scampia that has been turned into apartments for 29 families. Tonino Torre, for over 20 years a Camorra boss of Scampia, he changed his life with the help of Don Aniello. Today he gives his contribution talking about his criminal experience, proving how criminal activities are a dead end road. He now earns his living working as a gardener and selling second hand items at flea markets. Emanuele Cerullo, a young writer and poet, until recently lived with his family in the infamous Vele di Scampia, the horrible housing estate that has become the icon of the area's decay. Emanuele takes us into his own Vela to show us a dramatic reality often inaccessible to mediaʼs cameras. Marco Pirone, a young dad of two kids; tells us how he got off drugs with Don Anielloʼs help. Today he is a positive model in the community and coaches a children's football team in Scampia.

Wybrane festiwale i nagrody / Selected festivals and awards: 2011 – MFF Londyn / London IFF, 2011 – FF Mediolan / Milano FF, 2011 – SiciliAmbiente / SiciliAmbiente


Reżyseria/Directed by: Francesco Cavaliere
Zdjęcia/Cinematography by: Alessandro Nucci, Ivan Forastiere
Producenci/Producers: Wanda Glebbeek, Francesco Cavaliere

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